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Select Board
March 8, 2021
Cushing Community Center
Agenda, when available, here.

Cushing Town Meeting Warrant for the 2021 Year

Sample Ballot

Absentee Ballots are available at the Cushing Town Office
for the March 15, 2021 Municipal Election.


To receive an absentee ballot, a registered voter may come to the window at the town office to vote, call 354-2375 for a ballot to be mailed to the voter (only the voter may do this), or come to the window and fill out a request form to pick up a ballot.  Immediate family members may also fill out an application to take a ballot to a family member.

Please note:  Due to State Statute Title 21-A section 753-B

Friday, March 12, 2021 will be the last day to request an absentee ballot or vote by absentee unless a voter meets the criteria for a Special Circumstance Application.   Only the voter can fill out the Special Circumstance Application.  If you have any questions, please call the Town Office at 354-2375.

To the Residents of Cushing from
the Desk of the Fire Chief

The Cushing Fire Department is asking for your support in the up coming vote for the purchase of a new Fire Truck.

Currently the fire department has 3 fire trucks. The oldest one being almost 30 years old and needing costly repairs, I am not confident in its safety and ability to get the job done in the event of a fire. This new fire truck would hold twice as much water, allowing us to gain control quicker of a fire scene. More up to date safety features from both vehicle and personnel stand points.

Another point I would like to mention is with a newer apparatus most homeowner’s insurance companies will offer a better price on your policy. The best part of this purchase is not only reliable equipment, but this purchase will in no way increase anyone’s property taxes. It takes approximately 12 months after you order a fire truck before delivery. My hope is to have community support for this purchase so we can order this in March to get this process started.

I take the responsibility profoundly serious as being your Fire Chief. I want to be confident that in the unfortunate event of a Fire that I have the appropriate equipment to get the job done.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,
Chief Flanders
Cushing Fire Department

To the Residents of Cushing from
the EMS Director, Cushing Rescue

This year 2021 you will be voting on purchasing a new ambulance for Cushing Rescue. I am writing this letter to you to provide some information as to why we need to purchase a new ambulance. We have been working with local dealers and the selectmen to get the best possible bid.

Our current ambulance is a two wheel drive 2009 ford E450. This truck was bought brand new in 2009 and has served us well. As with any 12 year old vehicle, it is starting to show its age and maintenance cost are adding up. In the past few years the ambulance has had a drive shaft bearing replaced, we also had to have an emergency brake job done on it which took us out of service for two days, a set of brand new studded snow tires were purchased. We had one call in which the ambulance did not start and mutual aid had to be called. The cause was due to weak batteries, so a new set was purchased.

With voter approval, we would like to purchase a four-wheel drive 2021 Ford F450. The biggest upgrade this ambulance will have is four-wheel drive. We feel the need for this feature due to the private roads that we travel during the winter months.  Other upgrades will include: LED lighting, rear suspension will be liquid spring for smoother rides, rear back up camera, and camera in patient area (non-recording). We will also be purchasing a power load and power stretcher. The current stretcher we have is manual. With this system it will reduce the risk of injuries due to lifting. The current two way radio which has been in use for over 20 years will be upgraded. The county radio system will be digital.

In closing, this purchase will in no way increase your taxes. The money will come from truck replacement funds. I would like to ask that you please consider voting (yes) on this article. Cushing Rescue is looking into the future to better serve our community.

Andrew Blanchard
EMS Director Cushing Rescue

Maine Health Alert Network (HAN) System

See full document here

Vaccine Information from MaineHealth
See full document here

Due to COVID -19 protocol, starting Wednesday, January 20, 2021 the Town Office will be waiting on customers at their outside sliding window.
Face masks are required and no one will be allowed inside the building.

A reminder that vehicle registrations, dog licenses, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife licenses and registrations can all be done online at Maine.Gov.

Assessors’ Agent, Garnett Robinson, as well as Code Enforcement Office/Plumbing Inspector, Scott Bickford, will not be in the office until further notice.
Scott Bickford can be reached using his pager at 207-818-0161.
Thank you for you patience during this unprecedented time.

Maine CDC is changing the quarantine period for individuals known to be close contacts of cases of COVID-19 to 10 days
Details here

Food Pantry Volunteers
The Food Pantry is always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact Karen Goodwill at 354-0669.

This is a reminder that dog licenses will expire December 31, 2020.

Licenses are available online at www.doglicensing.com or at the town office. At the town office, please bring or mail a copy of the current certificate of rabies vaccination along with $6.00 for spay/neutered; $11.00 for able to produce to the town office. A late fee of $25.00 will be added to the license fee February 1, 2021.

2020 Cushing Tax Bills

The 2020 tax bills have been mailed. If you have not received yours, please contact the Cushing Town Office.

For Residents, Summer residents and Visitors in Maine,

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has put together 3 pages of frequently asked questions (FAQs) explaining the Maine CDC physician’s Standard Order for Covid 19 lab testing.

This is an order that can be printed from the Maine CDC website:

This is good information to have at hand. Printouts will be available at the Cushing town office.
Mariann Ahola 
Cushing Health Officer

Knox County Emergency Management Agency
COVID-19 Information and Resources

Cushing  2019 Town Reports
are available at the Cushing Town Office and
the Cushing Library

Browntail Moth Information
The Maine Forest Service

Browntail moth caterpillars have hairs that cause a rash and can also cause respiratory distress in sensitive individuals.

For the past few decades the Maine Forest Service has surveyed for browntail moth in coastal Maine. Beginning in 2015 we started to see a dramatic increase in browntail moth populations. This letter is to give notice to towns that have significant detected populations of browntail moth in order to facilitate response by towns and/ or their

Full text here.

cushing town offices

Town Office, Library and Community Center
39 Cross Road
Cushing, Maine 04563

Town Office Hours:
Monday 8:30 to 4:30
Wednesday 8:30 to 4:30
Friday 7:30 to 2:30
Telephone: 207-354-2375
Fax: 207-354-1375

Town of Cushing 
Information Archive

Economic Development Committee and Community Concepts Finance Corporation offers assistance and advice for small businesses seeking SBA loans:  YouTube video here

West Bay Rotary Web Site
Linking Donors and Volunteers with Agencies in Need

West Bay Rotary has created a web site to promote and facilitate financial and volunteer support for Midcoast entities and individuals.

The web site links donors and volunteers to area agencies who have indicated a need for money and/or labor.


State Police Enforcement Practices Regarding
Governor’s Executive Order here

From Cushing Health Officer – 3/25/2020
Testing for COVID-19
Both Pen Bay and Miles hospitals have set up testing clinics that are open daily.
Details here

March 24, 2020
From Cushing Select Board – Information for visitors and residents.  here

March 23, 2020
From Cushing Health Officer – Update on local hospitals.  here

March 16, 2020
From Cushing Health Officer – Information on seeking treatment and recommendations for coronavirus.  here